Monday 10 November 2014

Our Office TVs!

Following up from my blog post last week on "How To Justify a 60" TV To Your Boss", I thought that I would share with you our latest innovation on our TVs.

Feeling inspired after reading my blog post (that has to be the reason), one of our developers, Mike, suggested that we automate our burndown! Sounds like a volunteer to me!

We have an internal system called the "McKenna Contol Centre" (sounds like something out of the George Orwell Classic, 1984), that we use for various internal bits and pieces, such as automating deployments for clients, storing passwords etc.

Mike integrated a program that speaks directly to our JIRA Kanban and displays a graph of the current sprint. It also calculates the average number of stories and points that we complete over the last 6 sprints! We like to keep a rolling average over the last 6 sprints as this means that the velocity is more responsive to changes in the team. We could have taken a longer rolling average, which would give us a more stable velocity, but this would mean that changes in our sprint would have less of an impact on the velocity.

We are now proudly displaying this on our office TVs!

Unfortunately, Star Trek has given way to the Burndown!

Burn Baby, Burn!

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